Cameron Harford

Game Programmer at Antimatter Games

Welcome to my portfolio!

Hey, I’m Cameron! I’m a self taught, enthusiastic Games Programmer from the UK. Currently working at Antimatter Games as an Intermediate Programmer.

– 4+ years of professional experience in the video games industry
– 7 years of personal experience with the Unreal Engine
– Experience in AI (Utility and BT), UI, 3C functionality and core gameplay systems

Personal Projects Quick Access

Professional Projects Quick Access

Personal Projects


(In Development)

Moonlapse is a First Person Horror with a focus on stealth and exploration.

Those who have committed terrible crimes are silently swept away to the Moonlapse; a place to cleanse away memories. However, this undisclosed location is also a playground for malevolence. At night the tower blares and reality shifts into fantasy as those ill-equipped begin to face their awful past.

Showcase of the inventory system
Showcase of the waypoint system

Showcase of the Amnesia status effect at night

Showcase of the night shift when dusk falls
Showcase of some older progress. Player stumbles upon a building full of Sleepers and must sneak.



Umbra is a horror game I made with some talented colleagues for the Epic Games Megajam 2021.

This jam had a theme of “Running out of space”, where our game utilised a space station becoming consumed by a catastrophic experiment failure as you tried to escape.

I worked primarily on AI, some UI and interaction functionality. We worked well as a team and managed to make a game that players enjoyed while maintaining the theme.

Link to game: https://cameron-harford.itch.io/umbra

(On Hold)

Disruption is a First Person Atmospheric Horror set on a Space Station.

The focus of the game is gravity/reality manipulation through the use of Gravity Wells. Any object that passes through them (including the player) will enter The Perplex, an area bound to the conciousness of the near deceased. These realms may alter gravity and can create monstrous visions. The Perplex follows no rules.

With the aid of the Station’s Terminals you can read messages, find codes, open doors and contact a Station dweller. There are also hidden objectives to launch every shuttle from certain Terminals.

This project was not finished.

Github Repo (C++ files): https://github.com/Cameh/Disruption_CppFiles

This video shows all progress up to the point where I’ve taken a break from the project

Mind At Sea

Mind At Sea is a project I made in 3 weeks to further improve my C++ knowledge using UE4. While it was tough to overcome issues I found, I managed to finish the project and release it on Itch.io for anyone to play for free. I then used people’s feedback and findings to further improve it.

It’s a first person psychological-horror set in the mind of a drowning person’s final moments.

My personal goals for this project was to get a better understanding of AI scripting within UE4 and to create a horror game with meaningful atmosphere. I also tried making it unique with the use of the “Water Fields” (or “Water Portals” as some people have called them) that create areas where you can enter and exit bodies of water.

Another challenge was the sound design which was great fun to find and edit sounds to create the mood that I wanted. Added ontop was a small story to make the game a little more dark and have some meaning.

Game Page Link: https://cameron-harford.itch.io/mind-at-sea
Github Repo (C++ files): https://github.com/Cameh/MindAtSea_CppFiles
What people have said: https://www.alphabetagamer.com/mind-at-sea-game-jam-build-download/

Gameplay Playthrough by CJUGames
Hope’s Blessing and Hope’s Bloom functionality

Audio Visualiser

I made an audio visualiser in UE4 in C++ that makes use of the engine’s physics capabilities and Synth Clips. It is able to read external files and load existing audio files while producing a video on some songs in the background. As much as I wanted to, I was not able to implement the loading of external audio files as UE4 does not allow such to happen unfortunately.

Features include: Visual changes such as colour and opacity, a video player, play and pause functionality, read external audio files, load existing audio files and inverse physics.

Github Repo: https://github.com/Cameh/Music-Synthesiser

Woodland Scene

This is a scene I made in the Unreal Engine to get a better understanding of how to convey certain moods and create an atmosphere while keeping a stable framerate. This was made with 3D models from the marketplace and using some engine content.

Part of the mood was achieved with the use of post-processing and particle effects.

Base 211
(2018 – Unfinished Experiment)

Worked on a first person horror game set just after the events of WW2 in Antarctica. Based loosely off of the Operation Highjump conspiracy theory. This has been one long project that I’ve been experimenting with for a while to further push my knowledge with the Unreal Engine. I’ve tested with materials, 3D modelling, environments, and event sequences to drive a narrative while maintaining a chilling atmosphere.

I have reached out to people to help with the aspects I couldn’t provide such as sound. After posting about it online it gained some traction and feedback was attained.

The website I made for it is here: http://base211game.com/

Professional Projects

IGI: Origins
(In Development)
Antimatter Games

Intermediate Programmer on the announced title, “IGI: Origins” made by Antimatter Games.

IGI Origins Reveal Trailer

IGI Origins Mission Briefing 1

Mole Island Journey
Airship Images – 2019

Worked on an idle 2D mobile game. In Mole Island Journey you hire your happy moles to get to work, digging away at the earth to earn Resources. Earn enough resources and you can progress to another island with new features to explore! The goal of the game is to expand your mole colony off planet and reach Mars while keeping your mole fashion game up.

Features include: AI, time based events, resource management, trading, cosmetic progression, research abilities, physics based elements and random events.

I was responsible for the entire game apart from the art.

Nine Hells
Airship Images – 2018/9

Worked on a side scroller adventure game for PC/Console set in a dark gritty universe.

Features include: power/skill management, physics based abilities and puzzle solving.

I was responsible for everything in the game apart from the concept art.

Airship Images – 2018

Worked on a 3rd person action strategy game set in early Britain.

Features include: real time map, basic economy, inventory management, climbing system, AI, and puzzle elements.

I was responsible for everything in the game apart from the art.

Unreal Tool
Airship Images – 2019

Worked on a model viewing tool in Unreal Engine 4 with numerous features to aid colleagues with various projects.

Contact Me

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-h-131798b3/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cameronhfd/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coharford